'To watch him play football was to watch a great artist at work. Once he had the ball at his feet, it was impossible to retrieve it without fouling him.' 'Come on. He rode that gravy train like all these other overpaid footballers.' 'You're too young to understand. Before him there was no gravy train. … Continue reading DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA


'I beg your pardon?' I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. Who did this impertinent little person think they were? 'I was just wondering if it wasn't best to just admit we got it wrong?' 'Who are you?' 'Erm, I'm Nigel Billingsworth.' I waited for him to say more. 'Public Relations Assistant.' Another pause. 'Culture … Continue reading WITH ALL DUE RESPECT


Agnes was getting all the sympathy. Each friend that popped round to see her with flowers and fruit and chocolates gave Archie the same look - a shake of the head, a sigh and raised eyebrows. True, Agnes had her ankle strapped up and needed crutches to get around (although Archie was sure she was … Continue reading THE BRIDE’S PARENTS


He blew breathe from his mouth and watched the vapor drift away. His gloved hands were shoved deep into the pockets of his coat and his chin hunched down under the scarf wrapped around his face. He stamped his feet and the soles of his boots crunched on the frozen ground. 'Anything?' the receiver crackled … Continue reading INTERNATIONAL FALLS, MINNESOTA