Agnes was getting all the sympathy. Each friend that popped round to see her with flowers and fruit and chocolates gave Archie the same look - a shake of the head, a sigh and raised eyebrows. True, Agnes had her ankle strapped up and needed crutches to get around (although Archie was sure she was … Continue reading THE BRIDE’S PARENTS


Wind blew through the trees, blowing the snow up from the ground, gusting around Guy's face. He pulled his collar up further. Across the park he watched Madeline, her bright green umbrella luminous against the white background. Their daughter, Francis, gleefully skipped around her. 'She's moved on, married someone else, she's happy. Leave them be.' … Continue reading THE UMBRELLAS OF NEW YORK


Pale skin made her standout. Too many heads turned in her direction. Assassinations make people suspicious. Years of civil war did that to a country. The heat was heavy and oppressive. The hotel, a ramshackle construction of tin roofs and wooden struts, teetering on collapse. The receptionist, red lips and false eyelashes, eyed her as … Continue reading AFTERMATH