Last week had gone so well. Seeing all the regular faces, some on grainy webcams, some in the synagogue. It felt good to preach again.

Now, the loudspeaker wouldn’t switch on, he’d forgotten the login for his Zoom account and the wi-fi kept dropping out.

‘I think I’ve found your problem.’ Ben got up from his knees where he had been fiddling with the router and held out a damp cloth. ‘Everything is soaking wet.’

‘How strange. Where could that have come from?’ Rabbi Loeb shuffled in front of the half empty bottle of water and hoped the damp patch of evidence on his kittel had dried in.

Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above).

To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

Also linking to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge for today: Issue.



  1. Iain,
    We have a great deal of empathy for Rabbi Loeb around here. A few weeks ago, our family went down to Sydney to watch my Great Aunt’s funeral online with my parents. However, our teenage son stayed home. That night when Geoff got into bed, he found out the bed was wet. Indeed, it was like someone had dumped a bucket of water on our bed and it had even made it through to the mattress protector. Of course, the dogs initially got the blame but it was definitely water. I think our son’s to blame somehow and I’ll probably have to wait until I’m nearly in the grave to get a confession.
    I can testify that water in the brain isn’t a good mix but hadn’t thought of it in electrical terms before. I found out when I was 26 that I had hydrocephalus or fluid in the brain, most likely due to my difficult birth. Since then, I’ve had a shunt which maintains the pressure although I still have a harbour in my head, just no harbour views.
    Hope you’re keeping safe and okay. Restrictions are easing up for us on Friday. We’re being very careful anyway but it will be nice to be able to have more than 5 visitors. It’s difficult with having friends pop over and the kids friends etc but I know this is a 1st world problem. We’re barely dealing with the virus, just the restrictions but it’s worked.
    Best wishes,

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    • I can’t wait to hear your son’s excuse, if you ever find out the truth do let us know! We just passed 100,000 UK deaths and no end in sight for lockdown. Pretty grim. More angering is the politicians in charge who still won’t accept it is their response that has been flawed. Still haven’t closed the borders. From where we are we look at Australia and New Zealand and can only wish the same resolve had been shown here. It will forever be the biggest scandal of my lifetime, I’m sure of that, Stay safe, and cautiously enjoy your new freedoms!

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  2. as someone who was up before dawn to teach a class in a graduate course across the globe … on zoom … I can relate (though thankfully it went well this time, the zoom-universe isn’t always quite so technically kind …). Well portrayed!

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