Continuing my occasional attempts at sketching, this time some efforts at Wolverine from the Marvel X-Men world. All sketches copied from images sourced on Google search. Wolverine images © Marvel Comics. Original Wolverine created by John Romita Snr. and Herb Trimpe.  I am happy to acknowledge any copyright of original images if informed. My previous … Continue reading WOLVERINE SKETCHES

BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER

Rian Johnson's Looper is a good film, with touches of brilliance, but equally with a central dubious morality and the plot weaknesses inherent in any film that uses time travel as a central plot structure. The way that these central problems are addressed by Johnson, and how they interact with one another are essential to … Continue reading BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

The Riverfront, a photo by iainthekid on Flickr. This photo sums up a lot of things that I think of as 'mine' and define 'me'. The British Film Institute cinema on the Southbank in London has a restaurant attached to it - 'The Riverbank'. - Great atmosphere, people, culture, food and cinema, all in one … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine