'How about this... Americans harnessed electricity,...' 'Yes, very good, Mr. President.' '...we split the atom...' 'Well, sir, technically that was a New Zealander.' '...we gave the world the telephone...' 'That was a Scotsman, Sir' '...and the internet...' 'Tim Berners-Lee was an Englishman working in Switzerland.' '...we settled the Wild West...' 'Maybe don't highlight our record … Continue reading EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK


'Closed'. The sign hung on the entrance to Rock 'n' Rogers 50's Diner. 'What will you do now?' asked Rock. Rogers shrugged, 'Head further south, try again.' 'Still think it'll work, huh?' 'Sure do. People love nostalgia.' 'Sure, for certain things, maybe they don't want to be reminded about everything.' 'It was a simpler time, … Continue reading NOSTALGIA