Archie strolled back from the shop, newspaper under his arm. Another fine Mediterranean morning. In the campervan, Agnes was still in bed. Archie settled down in his seat to read the headlines. Iran had retaliated against America with missile fire. A commercial aeroplane had gone down. He turned the page. Bush fires in Australia. Not … Continue reading EXTENDED VACATION


'You see this?' he asked the captain, handing him the printout. 'Think we're in any danger?' The captain shrugged, scanning the sea beyond the harbour walls, 'Shouldn't think so. I don't see how blowing up a tug boat will bring them much vengeance.' 'Still, perhaps we should stow the flag? Make us less visible.' 'Perhaps … Continue reading TENSIONS


The massive missile defence cannon lit up red and orange in the night sky. 'Citizens, once again we are safe. Russia, Iran, Korea - no one can threaten our great city!' The crowd cheered. Klaus slipped away as the mayor continued his rabble-rousing speech. Politicians and their half-truths, he thought. The defence system he had … Continue reading REAP WHAT YOU SOW