Archie strolled back from the shop, newspaper under his arm. Another fine Mediterranean morning. In the campervan, Agnes was still in bed. Archie settled down in his seat to read the headlines. Iran had retaliated against America with missile fire. A commercial aeroplane had gone down. He turned the page. Bush fires in Australia. Not … Continue reading EXTENDED VACATION


He stared at it. It stared back at him. It seemed harmless, a spinning circle. Yet within it he sensed malevolence, an ominous presence, a threat. Was it sneering at him? Laughing at his bad fortune? How long would the stand-off last? He'd been through the anger and rage, his crushed coffee cup was evidence … Continue reading THE SPINNING CIRCLE OF DEATH


'Delayed indefinitely' was the phrase the captain had used, offering no further information. Outside the aeroplane, rain continued to pour but the weather wasn't bad enough to ground flights. Peering through her window she saw the airport personnel circling them. No one seemed to approach the aircraft. It had been an hour now. Her mind … Continue reading PARANOIA


INSURANCE CLAIM FORM IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE DESCRIBE THE ACCIDENT: My cat, Marcela, gave birth to kittens - Huey, Dewey, Louie, Donald and Daisy. This event led directly to my car accident on the 4th of December. I was running late due to several factors: My alarm didn't go off as Marcela had knocked … Continue reading CARMAGEDDON INSURANCE COMPANY


The first alarm began at five, just as dusk was beginning. Soon every car on the street joined in the deafening noise. Front doors and windows opened as residents looked out. Car owners appeared with key fobs to silence the alarms. Soon they were standing in groups and pairs gesticulating and pointing. Every car had lost … Continue reading HOW TO TOW A CARAVAN