Bill took Agnes' arm and steered her to the pavement. 'One too many prosecco?' 'Come on, follow the white lines home,' Archie called back to them. 'Remember that time you followed the wrong white line...' '...all the way off the end of the boardwalk.' Bill and Archie finished off Agnes' story. Archie took Agnes' arm. … Continue reading LIFELONG FRIENDS


A STORY OF QUERULOUSNESS IN QUIMPER, FRANCE ‘It’s unusual in that it bends in the middle to match the contours of its location and avoid an area of swamp,’ Agnes read from the guide. ‘Probably couldn’t build it right,’ muttered Archie. Agnes gave him a withering look and carried on reading from the pamphlet. ‘Some … Continue reading Q IS FOR QUIMPER, FRANCE


The cars started rolling slowly to embark the ferry. They had been waiting for an hour watching the rain drum down. Jessica rolled her eyes as Dad launched into another rendition of ‘Summer Holiday.' Mum had got out the car and walked aboard. Her parents still weren't talking after the argument over directions. Her brother … Continue reading FAMILY HOLIDAY


The first alarm began at five, just as dusk was beginning. Soon every car on the street joined in the deafening noise. Front doors and windows opened as residents looked out. Car owners appeared with key fobs to silence the alarms. Soon they were standing in groups and pairs gesticulating and pointing. Every car had lost … Continue reading HOW TO TOW A CARAVAN