**contains terms which may offend** The Bruce raised his sword high, the driving rain battering against the silver blade, washing away the English blood. The dark clouds that had been the menacing back drop to the battle suddenly parted. Glorious sun shone over the tired and battered survivors. This was his moment. He could think … Continue reading SCOTTISH KINGS


A STORY WITH A LOSS OF ZEAL IN ZARAGOZA, SPAIN The atmosphere in the bullring was intoxicating, the crowd jeered and cheered. The pre-match entertainment ended and it was time for the real show to begin. Sitting high up in the oval theatre, looking down on the golden sand floor of the arena, Michael saw … Continue reading Z IS FOR ZARAGOZA, SPAIN


The sunlight slowly peeked through the cloth that covered the window, and with it emerged the familiar sounds of the countryside awakening. Hens were scratching around the yard and clucking to one another, the birds chattered and sang on the rooftop and in the distance Farmer Pierrot’s mule could be heard braying. Sebastian propped himself … Continue reading REVENGE