**contains terms which may offend** The Bruce raised his sword high, the driving rain battering against the silver blade, washing away the English blood. The dark clouds that had been the menacing back drop to the battle suddenly parted. Glorious sun shone over the tired and battered survivors. This was his moment. He could think … Continue reading SCOTTISH KINGS


A STORY OF THE GARDEN FESTIVAL IN GLASGOW, GREAT BRITAIN It had been a glorious summer. Glasgow didn’t get many of them. Perhaps it was fate that the year of the Garden Festival was the warmest and driest summer that anyone could remember. The festival was meant to regenerate the wastelands that had been left … Continue reading G IS FOR GLASGOW, GREAT BRITAIN


Frankie stood waiting in the dark gloom. He pulled his jacket collar up as the cold air bit into his face. Looking across the black river there was a concert on at the new hall which was lit up in luminous red, pink and orange. The sweeping lights cast colourful shadows that reflected on the water and … Continue reading SHADOWS FROM THE PAST


I sit and watch the murky waters of the River Clyde slide by, polluted and dark. The wind whistles down the river under the Kingston Bridge, the traffic overhead relentlessly gridlocked. A runner passes by along the new walkway, struggling against the strong breeze. Across the water another monstrosity of 1960's architecture is being torn down. … Continue reading GLASGOW