She was box office. She was advertising revenue, hits online, gossip column gold. The more turbulent her private life, the more she was worth. Sex scandal followed drug rehab, relationship turmoil ran concurrent to family fall-outs. All of it was box office. Imagine then what they will make of this. Conspiracy theories will abound. The … Continue reading BOX OFFICE


**contains terms which may offend** The Bruce raised his sword high, the driving rain battering against the silver blade, washing away the English blood. The dark clouds that had been the menacing back drop to the battle suddenly parted. Glorious sun shone over the tired and battered survivors. This was his moment. He could think … Continue reading SCOTTISH KINGS


'You want to go through the woods? Are you nuts?' 'You think because it's Halloween something bad will happen?' Sam laughed and walked ahead. Amy followed his torchlight. Clouds drifted across the sky blocking out the moonlight. 'You never saw the Blair Witch Project?' she shouted after Sam. 'I did,' he called back. 'Terrible movie.' … Continue reading FRIGHT NIGHT