'We've won!' Archie tore through the house in just his pants and burst into the kitchen, where Agnes was preparing breakfast. 'We've won!' 'Alright, don't get hysterical, it's only an election in another country.' 'Not that. This!' Archie pointed at the smartphone in his hand. 'What's this?' 'I've got an email from the National Lottery. … Continue reading HYSTERIA


Otto peered out onto another misty morning. Fine drops of dew decorated his web, glistening in the sunlight. Sounds of guests wakening echoed round the hotel. He heard scurrying. It was Slater. He was well-meaning, but a louse. 'Another attack last night. Cleo this time. Why do they do it?' 'It's in their nature.' 'They … Continue reading ROOM SERVICE


The sunlight slowly peeked through the cloth that covered the window, and with it emerged the familiar sounds of the countryside awakening. Hens were scratching around the yard and clucking to one another, the birds chattered and sang on the rooftop and in the distance Farmer Pierrot’s mule could be heard braying. Sebastian propped himself … Continue reading REVENGE