‘How about this… Americans harnessed electricity,…’

‘Yes, very good, Mr. President.’

‘…we split the atom…’

‘Well, sir, technically that was a New Zealander.’

‘…we gave the world the telephone…’

‘That was a Scotsman, Sir’

‘…and the internet…’

‘Tim Berners-Lee was an Englishman working in Switzerland.’

‘…we settled the Wild West…’

‘Maybe don’t highlight our record on treatment of native Americans.’

‘…won two World Wars…’

‘Really Mr. President, that’s a ridiculous over-simplification.’

‘…landed American Astronauts on the Moon.’

‘We did do that (although German scientists developed the rockets).’

‘Did I miss anything out?’

‘No, Mr. President, I think that is just about perfect.’


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above). I try not to rise to it, but when the President of America rewrites history in a Tweet, I couldn’t resist. It’s funny and at the same time horrifying to see this and many other statements (‘China Virus’ anyone?) coming from the official White House account.


To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

STATE OF WAR squrere






  1. Hyperbole is an art form in itself. Whilst over here Twitter abounds with claim and counter claim over the origins of the Commonwealth and the British Empire. You know what they say about history, and the implications of ignoring it…

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      • However, my agent has encouraged me to work on my Twitter presence. She said the big publishers are obsessed with it. She says two of her authors were passed over because they didn’t have a Twitter following.
        In fact, one potential publisher watched my recent interview that I’d linked on Twitter and is interested in my WIP!

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      • It’s the sole reason I am on Twitter, but I’m not sure I can yet credit a single book sale to a tweet. Just something else to keep plugging away at, and distracting from doing the actual writing! Hope something comes of your interview.

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    • I dont follow him on Twitter, but this one made the main news over here. Fingers crossed for November, I dont know if the rest of the world can take 4 more years,never mind America!

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  2. OMG he’s an idiot and I cannot believe that his followers don’t see it, which I guess means we have a lot of idiots in our country. Sad. Nice story though. Please pray for us for November.

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  3. Iain, you knocked this one out of the park. The title and the choice of topics are brilliant. You’re a brave soul to tackle one of the orange one’s moronic missives.

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  4. Just so you know, I am willing to share Alexander Graham Bell with you… While being Scottish-born, he was Canadian by the time the telephone was invented 😉
    As for the rest… I’d rather not go there, thank you, very much!

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  5. The scariest thing is that he probably believes he’s telling the truth. And the most ironic thing is that he’s the one who started the whole “stop fake news” thing.

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  6. Even in the spirit of fictional commentary, it is nerve wracking presenting any position on any topic these days. Someone will take offense.
    In saying that, I have not. Timely, clever use of the tweet for this prompt.

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  7. Hopefully January 20, 2021 will bring new light to the world and let’s throw in defeat of the virus for good measure. I think we can all agree on that. An exceptionally well crafted piece.

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  8. Bahahaha. I did see that tweet and thought it hilarious… everything is just so wrong it makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Mind you there are some who think Australia is made up and is a CIA plot… OMG. I like your breakdown.

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  9. Ha, that made me laugh, I didn’t realise he’d actually said all those things until I reached the tweet at the end. There seems to be an inordinate amount of re-writing of history flying about at the moment.

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