Typical.Hours of practice on facial proportions, angles and shadows wasted.She'd spent so long getting the nose and mouth just right on each person in the scene.She sighed and mixed the colours. Plenty of medical light blue for most. A couple of brighter hues for the more imaginative people.A small rectangle added to each face, two … Continue reading GATHERING AT THE CAFE ROUGE


A carpet of bluebells heralded the spring, rebirth and growth surrounded them. They lay among the flowers in the sunlight that blazed through the forest canopy, enjoying the intimate closeness of their bodies next to each other. 'I've missed this,' the girl murmured, her hands roaming across his chest and stomach. 'Me too,' the boy … Continue reading THE LAST BELL TOLLS


Freddy ran home as fast as his legs could carry him. Breathless, he crashed through the flimsy door of the shack they lived in. His father looked up. Freddy pointed at his weathered, antique Cloudspotting book. 'A Cumulonimbus.' 'A what?' 'I saw one. A pure white one.' 'What are you going on about?' 'A cloud, … Continue reading CLOUDSPOTTING