Melinda trembled as she dialled the number. She bit her finger nails, holding the 'phone to her ear, praying she would answer. Out the window she watched Indigo and Lake running round the garden. They seemed so happy, but... The voicemail service answered. She swore and hung up, then re-dialled. 'Come on,' she muttered. This … Continue reading NATURAL BEHAVIOUR


Mamá Renata lifted the washing basket and hobbled down the stairs. She looked out onto the cobbled street. Javi was there, running around with the other niños in the dusty sunshine. Señor Augusto swept his step. A Moorish Gecko skittered down a shaded wall and across the street. 'Javi, diez minutos,' Mamá Renata called. Her grandson waved. An … Continue reading BYSTANDERS IN A BORDER TOWN