Odeon Glasgow Quay, 16.11.11 After a gap of 6 years since he wrote and directed Nicolas Cage in the average Lord Of War (2005), Andrew Niccol is back with In Time, a film in which he returns to the sci-fi world that he mined successfully for Gattaca (1997) and to a lesser extent in S1mone (2001). Set in the near future, In … Continue reading IN TIME


Odeon East Kilbride, 21.08.11 After the success of Super 8 (J.J. Abrams, 2011) at the start of the month, the summer of films has taken something of an upturn in fortune, which continues with Jon Favreau's latest action genre mash-up, Cowboys & Aliens.  Like Super 8, Cowboys & Aliens has taken a tried and tested genre, … Continue reading COWBOYS & ALIENS