10.57 - Pitch Meeting. Christmas Marketing Strategy for a leading supermarket. 'Right, let's hear your ideas.' 'A time to be with loved ones, especially this year.' 'A bit obvious.' 'Great food. Good times.' 'Very trite.' ''Helping You Save Their Christmas'. You know, the parents are superheroes saving it for the kids.' 'Stealing Santa's thunder a … Continue reading THE TRITE MESSAGE OF CHRISTMAS


Four weeks to go until the big day, and still time to order something a little different for that perfect Christmas gift for the reader in your life! It's a crowded market out there, and there are many brilliant writers and many excellent books to choose as a present, but if you're stuck and are … Continue reading 4 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!


Paris, 1829. Victor hastened along the snow-covered street.  A warm fireside awaited him. Soon he would be surrounded by dear Adèle and his children, no doubt excited by the late snowfall. 'Excusez-moi monsieur, a few francs for a veteran?' The beggar held out his hand. Victor drew back, revulsed at the sight of the disfigured … Continue reading HUGO