Her Mum helped her bake the pastries using the rhubarb they had grown in their garden. Each had their own neat tray – rhubarb crumble, rhubarb tarts, rhubarb and toffee cake.

She set up the stall at the corner of her street, waiting to capitalise on the Friday, end-of-week rush hour footfall.

‘Treat for the weekend,’ she called as the pavement filled with commuters returning home. She raised her toothy smile, opened her blue eyes wide and let the dimples on her cheeks work their spell.

Within half an hour the trays were empty and she packed up and headed home. She was careful to dispose of the sign her Mum had helped make as well. She had managed to change the ‘£1 each’ to £2 each’ and doubled her income. She skimmed her extra profit from the takings. Mum would never know, and the chocolate from the shop tasted a whole lot better than the rhubarb and toffee cake waiting for her at home.

I’m taking part in the Three Things Challenge, hosted over on Pensitivity101’s blog. Each prompt has three words to incorporate into a piece of writing. This week’s words are: TOFFEE, RHUBARB, SKIM. Follow the link to see what other writers came up with.



17 responses to “ILL-GOTTEN GAINS”

  1. And then she got sick from too much chocolate. Instant karma 😉

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    1. She still loved the chocolate 🙂

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    1. Thank you Becky, hope you are well 🙂

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  2. Thanks for joining in Iain. Good little entrepreneur, hope she wasn’t too sick after all that chocolate. I would have saved some of the extra money!!!

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    1. She has still to learn that lesson 😉


      1. she will go far…………………

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  3. 😀 Good one! When I read what the three prompts were, I knew immediately that in my mind “skim” would’ve been skim milk. How boring — your take is much more interesting!

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    1. Ha, thanks Eugenia. Not sure what it says about my mind that I went this way!


  4. An enterprising child.

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      1. I’m Sue she will. Maybe the next internet sensation

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  5. Young people can be super sneaky…

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    1. I know, I have two of my own 😉

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