Her Mum helped her bake the pastries using the rhubarb they had grown in their garden. Each had their own neat tray - rhubarb crumble, rhubarb tarts, rhubarb and toffee cake. She set up the stall at the corner of her street, waiting to capitalise on the Friday, end-of-week rush hour footfall. 'Treat for the … Continue reading ILL-GOTTEN GAINS


"Man 'Definitely' Saw Aliens!" "Doctor 'Heals' With Touch Alone!" "Scientists 'Travel' Back In Time!" The Editor-in-Chief threw the papers across the room as he spat out each headline. "It would be nice, just once, to have a front page that was genuine and didn't require quotation marks for legal reasons." "Remember we did try that, … Continue reading WOMAN ‘PROVES’ NESSIE EXISTS