10.57 – Pitch Meeting. Christmas Marketing Strategy for a leading supermarket.

‘Right, let’s hear your ideas.’

‘A time to be with loved ones, especially this year.’

‘A bit obvious.’

‘Great food. Good times.’

‘Very trite.’

”Helping You Save Their Christmas’. You know, the parents are superheroes saving it for the kids.’

‘Stealing Santa’s thunder a bit there. We need something fresh, something outside the box.’

‘A vegetable, maybe a carrot, in jeopardy. Or some sprouts?’


‘Turkey slaughter?’

‘Well, it’s certainly a different angle, but we want to attract customers.’

‘Zombie apocalypse?’

‘We’re straying off message here.’

‘I survived 2020?’

‘Go on.’

‘Could have a tagline: ‘I made it through the pandemic and all I got was a Christmas in lockdown.’

‘Not very uplifting.’

‘But with images of people enjoying lockdown Christmas with our good food and presents from our stores?’

‘Now we’re getting somewhere. Spend your money with us and it’ll magically make this horror show all seem warm and cosy. I like it. Let’s start with that.’

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango on his blog This, That and the Other. Todayโ€™s prompt word was: Trite. Click on the link to read contributions from other writers.



    1. I’ve noticed it more this year with their efforts to cash in on the pandemic and bad a year’s it’s been for everyone. Maybe I’m just too cynical!


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