10.57 - Pitch Meeting. Christmas Marketing Strategy for a leading supermarket. 'Right, let's hear your ideas.' 'A time to be with loved ones, especially this year.' 'A bit obvious.' 'Great food. Good times.' 'Very trite.' ''Helping You Save Their Christmas'. You know, the parents are superheroes saving it for the kids.' 'Stealing Santa's thunder a … Continue reading THE TRITE MESSAGE OF CHRISTMAS


'HÄAGEN-DAZS KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!' screamed the headline, as did executive Peter Jenkins. It was a PR disaster. That was three. Each bloodied corpse left with a half-eaten tub of Häagen-Dazs next to it. The latest theory: the killer was following people who bought Häagen-Dazs, killing them, then eating the ice-cream. 'What flavour this time?' his … Continue reading OTHER BRANDS ARE AVAILABLE


She was box office. She was advertising revenue, hits online, gossip column gold. The more turbulent her private life, the more she was worth. Sex scandal followed drug rehab, relationship turmoil ran concurrent to family fall-outs. All of it was box office. Imagine then what they will make of this. Conspiracy theories will abound. The … Continue reading BOX OFFICE


I wrapped my arms around Kyle. We turned and watched the parasail disappearing in the distance. 'There he goes, my crazy brother' I sighed. 'Maybe he'll come back safe.' Kyle suggested, more in hope than expectation. The clouds on the horizon had been gathering. The storm would make landfall imminently. It had been downgraded from … Continue reading IMMORTALITY IN THE MODERN WORLD


He scanned the musical notes on the page, hearing the flowing melody in his mind, the various sections of the orchestra taking the lead as his concerto ebbed and flowed, rose and fell, insisted and reserved. Reaching the thunderous crescendo, he took the standing ovation. He glanced at the clock. Five minutes until the client … Continue reading MINOR CONCERTO