Impetuous Iain faced ignominy when, after several false starts, he rashly pinned his lips on Jolly Jennifer’s mouth in the middle of the dance floor. The footfall of the crowd faded as onlookers backed away and waited for the bomb to explode, which it duly did. In retaliation, Jennifer delivered several slaps to Iain’s head, gave him a push and used her foot to trip him up, and as he fell, pinned him to the ground, before she was dragged away and Impetuous Iain’s life was saved. It was not the jolly Christmas party he had hoped for.

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango Today’s prompt word was: Impetuous. Also linking up with Pensitivity’s #ThreeThingsChallenge, with the words: SEVERAL, PIN and FOOTFALL; The Word of the Day Challenge (Bomb) and Your Daily Word Prompt (Jolly).

I look forward to Christmas 2021, when all those Christmas Office and work parties will be back on the agenda!


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