'Delayed indefinitely' was the phrase the captain had used, offering no further information. Outside the aeroplane, rain continued to pour but the weather wasn't bad enough to ground flights. Peering through her window she saw the airport personnel circling them. No one seemed to approach the aircraft. It had been an hour now. Her mind … Continue reading PARANOIA


Blackness enveloped the city. The power curfew began at midnight. The grid was shutdown. Homes were silent. Streetlights dark. A flicker of rare candlelight betrayed the restaurant or club that refused to close. An occasional set of car headlights crept passed, driven by those lucky enough to still have access to the electricity needed to … Continue reading TERRORIST


The forensic investigators had gone. The security forces had abandoned the scene. Demolition signs and safety warnings adorned the perimeter fence that surrounded what was left of the museum. I stumbled through broken piles of furniture, shattered glass and mangled steel. Rubble and dust covered everything. They told me she may never be found. If … Continue reading WRECKAGE