Impetuous Iain faced ignominy when, after several false starts, he rashly pinned his lips on Jolly Jennifer's mouth in the middle of the dance floor. The footfall of the crowd faded as onlookers backed away and waited for the bomb to explode, which it duly did. In retaliation, Jennifer delivered several slaps to Iain's head, … Continue reading CHRISTMAS PARTY


Max stared at the wall. He threw the chewed paperclip into the plastic cup and picked up a fresh one. 'How many is that?' Darcy asked from across the cubicle divide. 'Ten.' Max answered, putting the new paperclip between his teeth. 'You're not functioning well today.' 'A-ha!' Max shouted and spat out the paperclip. Leaning … Continue reading DYSFUNCTIONAL


‘And now at twenty-nine minutes past eight, a summary of the headlines with Zeb Soanes. You’re listening to the Today programme on BBC Radio Four.’ Harry snapped the car radio off. He’d already heard the morning headlines twice. More protestations of doom for the National Health Service. Someone moaning about exiting the European Union and … Continue reading IMPENDING


 ‘Another Monday,’ thought Alison as she gulped down the last of her daily caffeine hit. She looked round the office. Phil was beavering away as always, plugged into his computer, oblivious to the world. Janice and Pat were gossiping by the kettle, casting looks at Colette, who was sitting touching up her make-up for the … Continue reading MONDAY IN THE OFFICE