‘I really must do something about my weight.’

‘Me too.’

‘I eat too much.’

‘Yes, we should cut down.’

‘I don’t exercise enough.’

‘It’s the sedentary job.’

‘A lunchtime walk, every day, that would help.’

‘Raining today though.’

‘From tomorrow then.’

‘Light lunch for you today then?’

‘Yes, salad, fruit juice, nothing else.’

‘Right, I’ll do the same.’


‘Latest notes have arrived.’


‘A few… Ugh, annoying ones… He doesn’t get it… He wants to restructure the whole thing.’

‘Oh, for God’s sake.’

‘I might add something more to my lunch, we could be here a while.’

‘Full fry up with extra bread?’

‘Followed by cake?’


Copyright David Stewart

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above).

To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

A slice of my real life work day as a television editor, inspired by some unhealthy eating in recent weeks!


  1. There’ll be easter soon. Can’t diet before that. But then… summer, too hot for exercise, and the ice cream is absolutely necessary… fall: onions and apples and pumpkins oh my… oh, is it Christmas time again? Can’t diet before that, but in the new year… you gotta bow to all these restrictions, no? 😀

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  2. Your characters and I would be firm friends. I’m supposed to be going to bed earlier and waking up before midday but there’s always an excuse to linger. One more flash to read.
    I have no idea what you do as a television editor. However, I am currently transcribing a TV interview from 1960. My grandmother appeared on an interview panel with Paul Robeson singer and activist and the content seemed too important to consign to the depths of the ABC’s archives and I wanted to try to understand and absorb it better. I’m now convinced I’m mad. I’ve typed up the first “interpretation” but the pages are still covered in corrections. Wish I had a little fairy or a magic wand! I’ve mentioned the interview in further detail here:
    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,

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