'Tick-tock, tick-tock,' went the clock. 'Time's up! Time's up!' cried the People. 'No more! No more!' chanted the Poor. Save me! Save me!' weeped the Earth. 'Me Too! Me Too!' screamed the Victims. Louder and louder the voices grew. Higher and higher the echos reached. Some of the Powerful fell on the sword of justice. … Continue reading TICK-TOCK


She had withered over the cold winter. The gradual process of ageing had taken its final undignified collapse. Francis wheeled her mother outside into the garden, where the morning sunshine had evaporated the dew and birdsong brought promise of the arriving spring. As the rays of light beamed over the frail figure, the hunched back … Continue reading WITHERED ROSE


Every Friday night: finished school for the week they gathered at diners before hopping into their daddy's cars and cruising through the streets, then drag-racing over at the abandoned drive-in on Parsons Street. Every week the private guard at the abandoned drive-in complained at the police station. 'Teenagers,' he was told. This new breed of … Continue reading AMERICANA