The lights go up, the cast take their bow. Silence greets them from the empty auditorium. They keep going because there is nothing else to be done. Night after night, show after show, repeat and repeat. Bereft of enthusiasm they go through the motions, a ghost-like shadow of their former ardour. Delirium set in weeks … Continue reading THE SHOW MUST GO ON


Snow. Again. Christmas had been magical. Days off school in January building snowmen had been fun. Now it was February. The thought of ice cold hands and toes put him off going outside. The roads were closed. Elsa had put 'Frozen' on for the hundredth time. Football practice had been cancelled for the third week in … Continue reading ENOUGH ALREADY


 ‘Another Monday,’ thought Alison as she gulped down the last of her daily caffeine hit. She looked round the office. Phil was beavering away as always, plugged into his computer, oblivious to the world. Janice and Pat were gossiping by the kettle, casting looks at Colette, who was sitting touching up her make-up for the … Continue reading MONDAY IN THE OFFICE