Pete was well known around the local area. No matter where he set up his market stall a crowd would gather. Pete could sell anything to anyone: air conditioning units, bike parts, chopsticks, fake tattoos, parking meters. When his stall illegally blocked a street, the police were called. They left with a packet of fudge, … Continue reading PETE’S MARKET STALL


The SUVs with blacked out windows swept through the quiet suburb, lights flashing. They descended on the school, swooping in to block access roads and prevent anyone leaving. From each vehicle emerged two agents in black suits. In unison they approached the main entrance. A visibly shocked and bemused Miss Carthwright pointed in the direction … Continue reading THE RAID


Odd number and it was chocolate bar, even number and it was an apple. Johnny rolled the dice. It stopped on five. Yes!, he thought. It tipped over onto two. Johnny nudged it back onto five. Leaving things to chance was all very well, but self-determination definitely had it's benefits. Written for the Scottish Book … Continue reading ROLL OF THE DICE