'You don't think the mountain range is enough to keep them out?' 'Nope,' Frank spat as he knocked in the last fence post. 'But if they manage to get over that,' Giles pointed to the tall peaks in the distance, 'then this fence isn't going to stop them.' Frank threw down the hammer and looked … Continue reading CANADIAN ROCKIES RETIREMENT HOME


A STORY OF FOLLY IN FAMAGUSTA, CYPRUS ‘Not even Turkish Cypriots are allowed in,’ my guide Ferhat tells me as we peer through the barbed wire. Beyond lies a golden beach, straight out of a tourist board advert with the deep blue Mediterranean lapping gently on the shore. Look closer though and things don’t look … Continue reading F IS FOR FAMAGUSTA, CYPRUS


The press and public were behind the fence that circled the property, far enough away to prevent them seeing inside the old house. Horowitz looked out at the growing crowd. News had spread fast. He had got the call as he was about to end his shift. A dead body, suicide. He recognised the address. Now he looked at … Continue reading THE ENTERTAINER