Here he comes, full of bluster, just like his president. He wasn't ruining the holiday exactly, but every time that bellowing voice approached the pool area, the patrons visibly slumped. 'Mornin' y'all!' He hefted his great bulk onto a lounger. 'S'cuse me, boy! A little refreshment over here!' The pool boy reluctantly answered the beckoning … Continue reading THE BALLOON


Rodney asked him to watch his pretzel cart while he took a break. It was another humid night. Larry sat on the wall and rested his weary feet. He looked up at the statue with the Rockefeller building behind it. A huge white face with white hands covering the eyes. Ain't that the truth, Larry … Continue reading CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS


'I need to hear whatever is said at that summit. I don't care how you manage it!' Field Agent Malone was tasked with delivering the American President's command. Now he sat in an office in Seoul, while 50 kilometres north, on the 38th Parallel, the leaders of North and South Korea prepared to meet. As … Continue reading SEMI-SKIMMED DIPLOMACY


Frost covered the grass and branches. Well-layered joggers trotted past at various paces. She wrapped her arms around herself, the thick coat and gloves failing to halt the chill. Mothers pushed buggies, couples walked hand-in-hand, dog-walkers pulled leads or were dragged by them, tourists swarmed. She didn't know what to expect; she hadn't formed a … Continue reading THE SOURCE


Fred Casey looked over the Columbus Circle intersection at the Trump International Hotel. Shuffling his feet to generate some warmth against the autumnal chill, he finished his coffee before heading inside. As he walked through the entrance he saw Sam Jones running across the reception, almost colliding with unaware workers. 'What's happening?' he shouted. 'Another … Continue reading ANOTHER DAY AT CABLE NEWS NETWORK