The sights and smells of the small market were intoxicating. The constant chatter of humans mixed with the sounds of caged animals. Xao Ling dragged him along. 'Here,' he pointed. An old woman sat surrounded by pots of powders and liquids. Her skin was a patchwork of wrinkles, her eyes half-closed slits, her hair was … Continue reading MARKET TRADE


The heavy snow deadened the sound of the forest. Despite the swirling snowfall, there was a stillness. Cal lay on the soft ground, his eye press to the sight, his ungloved finger around the trigger, the rifle caressed against his shoulder. His father lay next to him. A hundred yards away the stag raised his … Continue reading CAL’S CALLING


White gives way to green. Cold to warmth. Life returns. I feel invigorated. Hibernation is over. Fresh blood runs through veins. Months since anyone came through. It's been lonely recently. I'm eager to entertain. Soon the tourists will return. The young and adventurous. The healthy and vital. The thrillseekers. I'm happy to oblige. The highway … Continue reading HUNTING SEASON