'You got any reels?' 'Nope.' 'Any lures?' 'Nope.' 'Lines?' 'None a'them either.' 'Okay, bait?' 'Live or dead?' 'Live.' 'Nope.' 'Dead?' 'Not that either.' 'Okay, what about boat equipment?' 'What like?' 'A boat hook?' 'Nope.' 'Cleat hooks?' 'Nope.' 'Rope?' ''Fraid not.' 'Do you have anything for a fishing trip?' 'I got fresh fish.' 'How does fresh … Continue reading DOWN ISLAND TRADERS


Hustle and bustle. Amongst it all I sit alone. Many come and go: commuters, tourists, pleasure seekers and shoppers. Smiling faces and laughter, serious looks with purposeful strides, blank expressions and automatic motions: all accumulate into the life of the station. The whistle signals an arrival. Her arrival. Loud squealing brakes and steam fill the … Continue reading STOLEN WEEKEND


Frank left the apartment early to head into work. He found Hamish on the front lawn. Hamish was gagged and hooded, strapped in a straight jacket covered in fake blood, locked inside a shopping roll cage with crime scene tape wrapped round it. Frank had left the club early the previous night, leaving Hamish with … Continue reading ANOTHER WEEKEND OVER