She'd had the idea while watching a gardening magazine show - apparently plants had emotions and responded to music and words. Perfect. She stripped down the old grand piano, rejigged the strings and hammers, filled it with grade-A compost and planted the seeds. She soon had a playlist - Rachmaninoff and Chopin went down best … Continue reading STRAWBERRY SWING


The curator scratched her head, while the museum porters waited for her decision. 'Well, remove it of leave it?' the surly head porter demanded. They looked at the knotted tree branches atop the wicker chairs. She honestly couldn't remember if it had been there before or not. The Museum of Rural Life in Lumberton, North … Continue reading ARTISTIC IMPROVISATION


I wrapped my arms around Kyle. We turned and watched the parasail disappearing in the distance. 'There he goes, my crazy brother' I sighed. 'Maybe he'll come back safe.' Kyle suggested, more in hope than expectation. The clouds on the horizon had been gathering. The storm would make landfall imminently. It had been downgraded from … Continue reading IMMORTALITY IN THE MODERN WORLD