'Don't mind that,' she said, guiding him through the hallway and round the shattered remains of a mirror. 'Just through there,' she pointed him through a glass door whose splintered panes were held together by sticking tape. 'Take a seat,' she smiled at him. He looked at the living room strewn with broken chairs, a … Continue reading ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE


The curator scratched her head, while the museum porters waited for her decision. 'Well, remove it of leave it?' the surly head porter demanded. They looked at the knotted tree branches atop the wicker chairs. She honestly couldn't remember if it had been there before or not. The Museum of Rural Life in Lumberton, North … Continue reading ARTISTIC IMPROVISATION


The cannons sprayed water through the night sky onto the roof of the blazing building. A crowd of nearby residents gathered to watch. The old theatre, dwarfed by surrounding modern apartments, had lain empty for several years. It was preserved and protected for reasons of architectural heritage. Remarkably, the surrounding buildings were untouched by the … Continue reading THE PROPERTY DEVELOPER


The boxes of her water-damaged possessions took up three-quarters of the hotel room. Until the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew was repaired this was her home. The restoration firm said they would gain access next week. Until then, all she could do was sit and wait. The flowers of condolence sat on the table. They … Continue reading STORM DAMAGE