'Room for one more?' Hank slurred cheerily, lifting his wide posterior into the small bus. He crammed into a seat. The driver jumped out into the traffic, angry horns blared. Kaleidoscopic lights blurred. Sudden stops. Chaotic traffic. Sweat and body odour. He felt the beer sloshing around in his stomach. A little excess again, but … Continue reading A LITTLE FESTIVE EXCESS


Twilight feel, artificial light, woozy head. Almost home, such a nice night. Drinks, laughs, good times. Shared smiles with him again, dancing, brief contact. Should've made that move? A cloud of a missed opportunity. Park bench, take a seat, lie down. Staring up at the stars, the whole universe out there. Nothing to do in … Continue reading THE UNIVERSAL


They found him the next morning, tangled among the branches of the topiary tree. It appeared Father Reg had managed to stagger back from the local pub despite severe inebriation. However, on reaching the monastic retreat where he had been living in meditative isolation, Father Reg had confused the symbolic door of the religious installation … Continue reading THE PATH TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM