'Delayed indefinitely' was the phrase the captain had used, offering no further information. Outside the aeroplane, rain continued to pour but the weather wasn't bad enough to ground flights. Peering through her window she saw the airport personnel circling them. No one seemed to approach the aircraft. It had been an hour now. Her mind … Continue reading PARANOIA


The droning grew louder. McLean, leaning on his pitchfork,  scanned the sky looking for the source. An RAF flyer, he thought. Not unusual in the evening, although this aeroplane sounded much lower than normal. The noise exploded over the ridge, knocking McLean off his feet. As he fell backwards he saw the low-flying 'plane, with … Continue reading THE PLOUGHMAN AND THE NAZI


They had been waiting for three hours in the airport terminal. The departure boards were full of yellow-highlighted rectangles reading 'DELAYED.' The fog looked thicker than ever out the window. The children were climbing on the seats again. 'Joe get down from there and let go of your sister,' Claire said. The kids ignored her. Pete … Continue reading DELAYED