Unfamiliar landscape rolled by: flat, parched and empty. The old carriages groaned and squealed, rusted wheels clanking on worn rails. At least he hadn't had to pay for the experience. Another jarring jolt made him grip tighter. Destination unknown, the freight train did not stop at any stations. It ploughed on unrelentingly. Behind him, his … Continue reading FREIGHT


Dust blew over the barren landscape. Tumbleweed rolled through the desert and piled up on the side of the buildings. The buildings made up the main street, the only street, of Cody, Wyoming. Outside the saloon, Jensen swept the wooden decking. As soon as the brush removed a layer of sand, the wind blew a … Continue reading THE NEW FRONTIER


Modern, sleek cars had been rolled out along the route.  At the time Jonathan travelled every morning an ancient tram still clanked and rattled along. Accompanying him each day were the unchanging faces that shared this journey. The familiar smile and muttered greeting part of their set routine. She appeared one grey morning. A ray of light … Continue reading THE GIRL ON THE OLD TRAM